unifi researchers presented 6 technical papers in the 11th bulk power systems dynamics and control symposium (irep’2022) in Banff and shared their research efforts on grid-forming inverters.  This is a single technical-track series first established by Les Fink in 1988 and is managed since 1994 by the international institute of research and education in power system dynamics (irep).  In-depth discussions with experts during technical sessions followed by up-close-and-personal engagements with deeper reflections afterward are aspects unique to the tradition of irep. The chosen venue, Banff, is a scenic resort town tucked away within the rocky mountain ranges in Canada.  While several towering figures in the field participated in the program to showcase their contributions in advancing power engineering, the supermassive sky-scrapping mountains that surrounded us constantly reminded us of human insignificance vis-à-vis the power of nature!