by: Sairaj & Manish

We met for our second General Meeting (the name capturing the temporal proximity to the IEEE PES General Meeting) over July 14th and 15th in Orlando, Florida.  Speakers from across unifi provided updates on the efforts of the different working groups.  particularly exciting to hear about, were developments on the 1MW demo coming together at ESIF in NREL  Attendees included stakeholders from industry, academia, system operators, utilities, and OEMs.

Several academic families got together

Collage of unifi members at the July 2023 general meeting.

We stepped out for a group picture and successfully dodged all the alligators

Group photo of the unifi consortium.

The External Advisory Board had words of advice for us and laughs to share with our students and scholars

unifi members group photo at a restaurant.


Presentations from Mukul Chandorkar (author of the first paper on droop control!) and Julia Matevosyan gave us plenty of food for thought.

Integration of large solar PV plants into the Indian transmission network (PDF)
Mukul Chandorkar

Grid Forming Activities: Update for unifi (PDF)
Julia Matevosyan