By becoming a unifi member, you will join the group of researchers and engineers from across academia and industry driving advances in GFM technologies. Membership unlocks access to a broad range of activities spanning from conducting research, development, and demonstration to formulating effective mechanisms for workforce training. You can join at different levels depending on your organizational type and needs. Please contact for information on joining unifi.

Why Become a Member?

  • Seat at the table alongside other vendors, utilities, system operators

  • Participate in (and drive) cutting edge R&D through unifi working groups
  • unifi specifications (interoperability guidelines + functional requirements) will leapfrog traditional standardization
  • Access to core stack IP that is key to interoperability of GFM technologies across scales
  • Participate in 1MW and 20MW demos
  • Network with wide student pool across universities that will enter workforce
  • unifi events (training, job fairs, workshops) will be key to educate on novel technology area
  • Access to educational and training material in up and coming technology space

Benefits of Membership

BenefitsFull Member
Associate Member
Voting Member✔︎𝘅𝘅
Early access to UNIFI Specifications✔︎✔︎✔︎
Access to UNIFI core-stack IP
(note: access may not be free)
Participation in UNIFI events
(workshops, trainings, job fairs, etc.)
✔︎2 events per year✔︎
Development of UNIFI Specifications
(based on votes)
Participation in UNIFI working groups✔︎2 working groups✔︎
Access to education & workforce-development material✔︎2 items✔︎
Access to demonstrations✔︎𝘅✔︎
Access to member-provided or other new fundings✔︎𝘅✔︎
Decide on member-funded projects
(based on votes)
  • Structure in place for Years 1-5 of Consortium; subject to adjustment per bylaws
  • Startup members must have less than 50 employees and be less than 5 years old
  • Foundational Members are Full Members for Years 1-5

How To Join?

Please contact for information on joining unifi Consortium.