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universal interoperability for grid-forming inverters


unifi Consortium

To advance grid-forming (GFM)
inverter technology.

what we do

The unifi team brings together leading researchers, industry stakeholders, utilities, and system operators to collaboratively pursue advances in a broad range of GFM tech. unifi will cultivate and foster a culture of engagement and innovation to identify and fill gaps in technologies, business models, standards, and human factors. In particular, unifi will conduct and coordinate research, development, and demonstration, as well as create educational- and workforce-training materials focusing on planning, designing, and operating grids with a high level of GFM Inverter-based Resources (IBRs). Activities will be organized around three thrusts:

  • research & development (R&D)
  • demonstration & commercialization (D&C)
  • outreach & training (O&T)

unifi will stay true to its name and unify timescales of operation and control across spatial scales for IBRs and associated technologies.

unifi Consortium infographic.

Latest News & Events

What We Offer


unifi work efforts in research & development, demonstration & commercialization, and outreach & training generate a variety of resources to facilitate technology development and accelerate the adoption of grid-forming inverters. Our portfolio of publicly accessible resources include

  • UNIFI Performance Specifications for GFM IBRs
  • Annual newsletters summarizing unifi activities
  • Technical publications from team members
  • Educational material curated across levels
  • Videos from our seminar series

activities & products

Unifi Consortium 2024 Spring Seminar Series flyer.

Seminar Series

Register for the Spring 2024 seminar series and join live or check out archived videos on our YouTube channel.

Register for the Spring 2024 Series →

Cover of Unifi's "Specifications for Grid-forming Inverter-based Resources, Vol 1."

UNIFI GFM Performance Specifications

Read all about our latest specifications for grid-forming technologies authored by consensus across industry.

View unifi’s GFM performance specifications →

join unifi today!

By becoming a unifi member, you will join the group of researchers and engineers from across academia and industry driving advances in GFM technologies. Membership unlocks access to a broad range of activities spanning from conducting research, development, and demonstration to formulating effective mechanisms for workforce training. You can join at different levels depending on your organizational type and needs.


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